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For all type of occasions, 100% custom made for every man and woman’s body. We make your dream design, a reality!

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We make your clothes fit at the best value for your money

We make your clothes fit at the best value for your money

Our Mission is to give you confidence in the attire that you wear for any purpose: business, casual and special occasion. At the Smart Tailor, we take care of your clothing to make you look as fabulous as ever.

Price List


Machine Stitch – AED 25

Hand Stitch – AED 35


Machine Stitch – AED 30

Hand Stitch – AED 40


Waist Tightening – AED 45

Tapering – AED 45 – 60

Shortening – AED 35

Waist Tightening – AED 45

Legs Tapering – AED 45 – 60

Body Tightening – AED 80-120

Sleeves Tightening – AED 60-90

Shoulder Shortening – AED 100

Length Shortening – AED 60-90

Zipper Change – AED 80-120

Length Shortening – AED 35

Body Tightening – AED 40

Length Shortening – AED 35

Sleeves Length Shortening – AED 40

Body Tightening – AED 45 – 60

Length Shortening – AED 25-80

Waist Tightening – AED 35 – 60

Full Skirt Tightening – AED 60-100

Length Shortening – AED 35-500

Shoulder Shortening – AED 45-500

Body Tightening – AED 45-500

Sleeves Tightening – AED 50-500

Length Shortening – AED 50-150

Sleeves Length Shortening – AED 35-75

Body Tightening – AED 50-80

Zipper – AED 35-100

Button (Each) – AED 5-15

Patch Fixing – AED 20-50

Take a look at the variety of services we offer for Individuals

Shortening and Lengthening Pant and Dress Hems

Suit and Jacket Alterations

Taking in or Letting out Waist, Hips and Thighs of Pants and Skirts


Zipper and Button Replacements

Mending Rips and Applying Patches


School Uniforms

Adaptive Clothing

Dress Alterations


Take a look at the variety of services we offer for Corporates

Oil & Gas Coveralls

Hazmat Suits

Brand Creation

What they say about us

The quality of work that went into my piece of clothing was unparalleled. the smart tailor truly is the personification of perfection in every way and form. Bravo…
ADAM, Customer

Congratulation! Good Location! Nice Web! Look forward to get the service.


All the best The smart tailor! Excited to get your services

DARA, Customer

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